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Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)

Product image 1Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 2Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 3Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 4Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 5Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 6Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 7Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 8Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 9Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 10Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Product image 11Scrolls - The Magnum Opus Book by Legend Horiyoshi 3 (PRE-ORDER)

Regular price €350,00

Important Update 30/09/2020

Dear all,

We are sorry to say that delivery will take more time than we anticipated.
This shouldn't have happened, and we fully understand if this waiting leads to frustration, our apologies for this.

It is never our intention to be taciturn about progress and final delivery. But it's fair to say the Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the whole situation, which makes it even more stressful and challenging.

Unfortunately, we cannot further influence the acceleration of finishing from a distance. But we are guaranteed that the most experienced employees do everything they can to complete this production with due care and attention to detail.

From now on, expect a biweekly update on further developments regarding completion and transport.

Thanks for your understanding.
Kintaro Publishing


Important Update 05/08/2020

Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered Horiyoshi 3’s Scrolls. We’ve had some delays, but the great news is that all copies will be shipped out at the end of September.

If you’ve ordered, please confirm your order number and correct postal address via email.

Kintaro Publishing is closed from 10th to 17th August, and we’ll be replying to emails after this date.

Thank you for your patience – rest assured; the book really is worth the wait.


Important Update

Dear all,

We understand that waiting can be long and frustrating, but trust us, we make every effort to produce this book in the best possible way and ship it within a reasonable time frame.

The launch was planned this spring, which it still is actually, however we also depend on external companies, some of which were badly hit during the unprecedented disruption as a result of COVID-19

Therefore the Scrolls book’s publication date has been pushed back slightly, due to the COVID-19 situation and other issues. 

Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 has caused problems for businesses around the world; and Kintaro Publishing is no exception. Rest assured, we’re working hard to reduce disruptions, but the current lockdown situation has caused some delays.

For now we don't know an exact launch day or month, but we will let you know as soon as possible once we have an insight for a date.

For those who have pre-ordered, we will contact you before shipping asking for an address confirmation for delivery.

Thanks for your understanding and solidarity during the impact of this global pandemic.

Kintaro Publishing



This book is the latest book about the works of the legendary Horiyoshi 3. It displays 45 hanging scroll paintings, much of them published for the first time. The launch of this book will forever cement in our hearts the excellence and brilliance found in the designs and craftsmanship of the legend and master Horiyoshi 3. It will create an avenue for both lovers of Japanese art and enthusiasts to see vivid depictions of his work.

Horiyoshi 3 has produced this master class of art book, which will leave readers captivated and glued to the beautifully drawn paintings. This eye-popping and exciting art piece will present to readers some of the most creative paintings while showcasing the works of the legend Horiyoshi 3.

It is said that genius needs to be celebrated, studied and admired for it to be replicated. So we hope that in celebrating the excellent craftsmanship and pure genius of the designs of the legend and master Horiyoshi 3, we will create an avenue for his works to be admired by art lovers and also create a platform for his works to be studied by Japanese art enthusiasts and students will replicating his genius.

The book shows 45 paintings curated by Horiyoshi 3 himself, accompanying his own personal explanations in English and the Japanese language. The foreword is written by Inge Klompmakers who is a renowned author and Japanese art expert. 

Features of The Book

  1. Displays 45 hanging scroll paintings

This will enable you to view the entire display of the art, giving you an extensive overview of the breathtaking world of Horiyoshi 3 creativity. Each page of this beautifully designed book will make you gasp in awe and draw you into the fantastic world of Japanese art designs. It is filled with his lively creations, which is a blend of the past, present, and future of Japanese culture.

  1. Big book measuring 40cm x 58cm // 15.74” x 22.83”

The large book which weighs an impressive 10,5kg can be displayed in the middle of a room as a form of decoration, will surely be a collector's item. You will also be able to display your book as part of your collection to friends and other art enthusiasts. You will be able to search through the world of amazing designs. As you go along with this big book format, you will see the Japanese art in their full form and not as mere pictures or depictions of the original work. 

  1. Vertical gatefolds 40cm x 116cm // 15.74" x 45.66"

This allows you to see the content of each scroll. You will also be able to fold the scrolls back neatly. With this design, the beautifully designed page of the book can be viewed without altering the configuration and allure of the book. You will be able to put this book on display and allow it to unfold each scroll page to unveil the rich and beautiful design that lies within. This one of a kind book packaging will wow those who will own it, as it is guaranteed to be a true one of its good Japanese art book.

  1. This book is handcrafted and beautifully designed

 It is designed with the highest quality craftsmanship available. The creative works of the legend and master can only be pieced together in book form by having only the best and most top quality craftsmanship available to design the book. This in itself is meant to endear readers, lovers and enthusiasts to the book, while creating a strong desire to go through the book's entire collection of designs.

  1. Limited Edition

This book is based on the creativity, designs, and art of the legend and master Horiyoshi 3. It is a limited edition with only 500 copies of the book set to be printed, a very limited global edition. So collectors, art enthusiasts, and Japanese culture lovers can make your pre-orders now. Don't forget this book is made entirely from the highest quality handcrafted designs.

Pre-orders will be opening on Friday 20/12/2019 17:00 GMT. There will be a special discount for exclusive pre-orders that are placed within the first week between 20/12/2019 and 27/12/2019. The special pre-order price will be EUR 299,- while the book will be sold at EUR 350,-

The date for the official book release is scheduled for spring 2020. So get your copy now and enjoy your voyage into the fantastic world of art as created by the master and legend Horiyoshi 3. 

Order now and be the first to own this collector’s item.

Title: Scrolls 

Binding: Hardcover + folding box case with locks made
 from 5mm-thick grey plate covered with cloth

Language: English/Japanese 

Paper-type: 200 gr. OJI Matt Art

Page-total: 45 stunning vertical gatefolds, displacing at an epic 40cm x 116cm size + 8 typical 

Size: 400 x 580 mm

Scheduled release date: Spring 2020


When will my pre-order be sent? The date for the official book release is scheduled for the spring 2020. 

Will a message be sent when my order has been sent? Once the book is prepared for shipping you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link to follow the parcels route.


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