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Yōkai Bentbacks

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Usually existing within the confines of human imagination and legend, the idea of monsters and spirits inhabiting our world is a far cry away from our normal perception of everyday life. But for some, the bridge between the realm of mystical creatures and the realm of humankind's material existence is minuscule –if it exists at all. A world of ghostly presences and incorporeal beings invariably living alongside us. Some may call them evil spirits or monsters; with tendencies toward mischief and trickery. While others might revere them as Gods; givers of gifts, good luck, and great blessings. The Japanese call them Yōkai. Yōkai Bentbacks –Stef Bastián’s incredible series of Yōkai drawings is now collected in both English and Spanish for the first time. Working closely with Stef Bastián himself, Kintaro Publishing puts together a stunning album of 50 original images that span over 100 pages in this soft-cover edition. Influenced by Japanese folklore from as far back as the Edo period, Stef Bastián masterfully juxtaposes classic tattoo design style and historic illustrations of Yōkai. Immaculately reproduced artwork combined with an introduction from Stef Bastián himself, as well as intelligent commentary in both English and Spanish accompanying each of the amazing illustrations, make Yōkai Bentbacks a must for the library of anyone interested in Western tattoo design and Japanese art. Title: Yōkai Bentbacks Binding: Softcover Language: English and Spanish Paper-type: 130 gr. matt art Page-total: 108 Size: 200 x 200 mm ISBN: 978-94-92933-00-3

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