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Our story

1993 was the year that it all changed. Then, we wanted to be free from all form of authority. We wanted an autonomy of ours after being caged in all this time. We wanted to explore life in a way we had never dreamt of.

That was the decision that brought us to the tattoo circuit in Europe.

We found our Wonderland, and it was exactly what we had sought out for. We met some highly skilled artists from countries all over, and from them, we received our inspiration. And so, we launch into a world filled with incredible styles, ideas, artisanship and imaginations that we had never set our eyes on.
Convention after convention filled our lives, and that was the only way we could cultivate a real understanding of the art and trade that was now a part of our world. We were into this new world, and we were ready to give it all our best. It was an event that gripped us by the arm, and it would not let us go.

After a few decades have passed, we thought of a new thing which was to collect and share ink differently. We have found a life that we wanted to share with people, and we wanted them to become inspired just like we were, to think outside the box just like we did. After much deliberation, the answer finally popped up: books.

In 2011, we started a new world, and we built our publishing house from the ground up with the encouragement of some of our favorite artists.

A Japanese folk hero known as “Golden Boy” inspired us to name our publishing house Kintaro Publishing. His story is a story of inspiration telling the audience to pursue their desire with utmost bravery passionately. This was fuel for our imagination, and we also hoped that the books we print would do the same to the path of people they cross.

Today, we independently publish art books and high-quality prints which showcase tattoo arts crafted from renowned talents and contemporary creativity.

The love for this unique culture is what united our team to become dedicated for a particular course. Every member brings their uniqueness and creativity to the printing press, and coupled with our passion; we create a development process.

Presently, we are always in one of two places: working over the printing press or moving on the road, with our mobile art gallery, showcasing the work of talented artists that we met on our journey. For every one of our publications, we use only the finest materials and with undivided attention to capture and speak the beauty of every piece, thereby giving it the highest value possible. Respect is one of the major things that we give to every publishing because they are the work of people’s passion and inspiration.

There is one thing that is our hope, and it is that within these pages, you find that art that inspires you to move out from your shell and explore the world with bravery. To discover what is beautiful to you and to make it a part of your life in a way that is unique.

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