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Kintaro Publishing – The Story So Far

Where it all began…

We’d like to take you back to 1993. We wanted freedom from authority, and autonomy over our lives again. In short, we wished to explore the world in new, exciting ways – without restriction.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that’s what led us to Europe’s tattoo circuit.

Counter-culture and new-found freedom

Tattooing has long been associated with rebellion, revolution and rebirth. It was an exciting new terrain; one that we’d been seeking for a long time. We met some incredible tattoo artists from around the globe, who ignited our passion for the scene. Our new motto was to dive into this artistic wonderland, and see where our experiences took us.

We attended convention after convention, which was the perfect way to gain understanding of tattooing. It wasn’t just about viewing the art or learning the history; it was also about appreciating the cultural significance of the different styles, and their importance in people’s lives. 

Turning tattoos into literature

A few decades passed, and we started to notice that people were actively seeking ways to learn more about tattooing. They also wanted to collect the artist’s works - tricky when there was only so much available space on the body for tattoos! That’s when we started to develop our ideas for Kintaro Publishing. After all, what better way to celebrate the artistry and history of tattoos than by capturing it in literature?

In 2011, we officially opened the doors to our new publishing house. We’ll always remain grateful for the support and encouragement shown to us by our favourite tattoo artists at this time.

The origins of the name

The name ‘Kintaro’ is inspired by a Japanese folk hero, known as Golden Boy. The message in his story is to pursue your dreams, and to be brave, regardless of what life may throw at you. We loved Kintaro, and felt he was an obvious ‘good luck charm’ for the business.

Kintaro Publishing has grown significantly since it first got its name all those years ago. We’re still fiercely proud independent art publishers and print-makers, but our range has grown significantly. We’re proud to work alongside some of the most renowned talent in the world, and to showcase their remarkable creativity.

Many artists, all united

There’s a strong sense of community in tattooing, and this is reflected in the Kintaro ethos. All of our team are passionate about the books we make, and go to great lengths to deliver high quality literature.

You’ll find us either at our printing press, or on the road, accompanied by our mobile art gallery. This is the ideal chance to view the work of the talented artists who work with us. It’s also an opportunity to connect – we love chatting to fellow tattoo-aficionados!

As for our future plans? We’ve got plenty of them. Kintaro Publishing plans to keep producing astonishing tattoo books and prints, and to keep playing an active role in the scene.

Mission Statement

Kintaro Publishing, born from a passion for independence within the vibrant tattoo industry, strives to redefine the narrative of tattoo art through high-quality, distinctive publications. Our mission is rooted in the dedication to selectivity, innovation, and originality, fostering a community of professional tattoo artists, enthusiasts, designers, and art students.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the pages of our books. We aim to inspire and motivate by showcasing the possibilities within the tattoo world, always demonstrating the highest standards of work. By carefully curating partnerships and showcasing unique, groundbreaking talent, we aim to elevate the industry and provide our audience with valuable insights into the artistic process.

In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize personal and direct communication. As a small yet ambitious company, led by a seasoned owner deeply immersed in the tattoo world for over 25 years, Kintaro Publishing ensures that every collaboration is infused with knowledge, experience, and a genuine passion for the art form.

When you choose a book from Kintaro Publishing, you invest in quality and class at a reasonable price. We reject compromises on quality for the sake of quantity and believe in offering our customers true value for their investment. From the first communication to the final product, our hands-on approach ensures transparency, authenticity, and a commitment to delivering publications that stand the test of time.

Your satisfaction is our measure of success, and we take pride in contributing to the rich tapestry of tattoo history, one exceptional book at a time.

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