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Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e

Product image 1Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e
Product image 2Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e
Product image 3Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e
Product image 4Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e
Product image 5Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e

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Fear and fright are universal emotions that all human beings share. We usually try to avoid anything that seems unknown, dangerous, or eerie. Yet such frightening things often arouse our ghoulish curiosity and a desire to scrutinise them. This can even lead to a thrilling, pleasurable sense of joy in the face of danger. This book explores the various ideas of fright and horror as depicted through ‘ukiyo-e’ prints made in Japan during the Edo period. Filled with images of supernatural and deformed creatures, spirits armies, wrathful demons, sea monsters, vengeful ghosts, and many other ghastly sights, the book is a treasure trove of chillingly titillating, wild imaginations. Title: Scary Pictures Of Ukiyo-e Binding: Softcover Language: Japanese Page-total: 300 Size: 110 x 150 mm

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