Dani Dilatas

Daniel Vereda aka "Danidilatas" was born in 1982 in Malaga, the best city in the universe.

Despite having little knowledge on the subject, he began to draw at the age of 11, inspired by his favourite Anime characters of the time.

His older brother also drew and that made his competitive spirit grow, as they were always trying to be better than each other and everyone else.

As the years passed the internet arrived and with it he discovered a world full of new artists, unseen styles, and numerous new references that made him shy away a little from his dream of being the best.

Still, far from demotivated, he turned this into a new opportunity to experiment and practice. With time and chance on his side, he was convinced to paint his first tattoo by a tattooist friend who had assured him that he had a gift for it. From that day on, his life took a new turn, and his new purpose became to be a tattoo artist.

He started small at home, tattooing mostly friends and acquaintances and creating countless designs to survive.

Eventually, he decided it was time to grow and achieve new goals, which led him to explore new destinations such as Ibiza, London, Madrid, Barcelona, until finally the best opportunity fell from the sky. He worked alongside one of his favourite artists, Pino Cafaro, at the White Fox Gallery Studio in Germany, where he learned everything about being a tattoo artist.

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