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Filip Leu

Filip Leu is a third generation artist. Born in Paris in 1967, he’s the son of Felix and Loretta Leu and grandson of artist Eva Aeppli, sculptor Jean Tinguely’s first wife.

He grows up “on the road” with his nomadic parents and three siblings, traveling around Europe, India, Nepal and North Africa.

In 1981 his family settles in Switzerland and together with his parents he creates The Leu Family’s Family Iron Tattoo Studio. Filip begins tattooing at 14.

Today he is well known for the high quality of his tattoos, particularly large Japanese style body work.

His fine art is inspired by tattooing naturally, but he also enjoys giving free rein to his imagination in a surrealistic and psychedelic style.

He lives in Switzerland with his wife, painter Titine K-Leu.

Link to Leu Family Iron website

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