Luis Valseca

I was born in Barcelona in the year 1976. When I was only a few months old, my family moved to Antwerp for a year because of my father’s work. Sometime later, we moved to Madrid and lived there until I turned fourteen, but my time there was cut short when my parents got divorced. I moved back to Barcelona with my mom and brother.

I started painting graffiti with my crew, and we did it almost every day. It offered me great motivation, and I found it easy to do since I loved to paint. Despite my love for painting, I went ahead to study Industrial Electronics because I wanted to follow the example my father had set.

In 1996, while still in school, I started tattooing. This brought a bit of confusion when I graduated because I had to choose between my degree and my tattoo business. Despite that, I rented a small commercial premises where I would work in the mornings fixing power supplies of vending machines of bus tickets, to raise money to keep my little tattoo studio running throughout the year.

As my tattoo business began to grow, I got more customers and became engulfed in my tattooing. I learned a good number of styles but focused on Japanese and other different oriental currents. Today, I am trying to find a new way that can enable me to rise above my feelings so that I can avoid staying in the same style and allow me to broaden my styles.

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