Rafael Jurado

Rafael Jurado was born in 1985, in Ubrique (Cadiz, southern Spain). From an early age, he expressed a love of painting, sculpture and drawing, and began studying art in his home town. However, he wanted to take his learning further, so in 2004, he moved to Granada, where he studied fine arts at university. It was here that he first started to develop his tattoo designs.

After graduating in 2009, Rafael travelled to Galicia (northern Spain) with his partner, Tania Media (also a tattoo artist). It was at this point that he dedicated his career to tattooing. The year after, he and Tania opened their studio, Serie Z Tattoo – a studio that is still in operation to this day.

Rafael has always been drawn to Asian tattoo art, and it has influenced his own style significantly. However, his personal aesthetic is unique, and inspired by his extensive knowledge of illustration and sculpture. In addition to running his tattoo studio, he also loves spending time with Tania and their son, Ciro.

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