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Yushi  “Horikichi” Takei was born on February 12 1976 in Tokyo. In 1994 at age 18 he moved to the United States. Here he began his apprenticeship in 2000 under Benjamin Moss and Gilbert Jumping Eagle at Apocalypse Tattoo in Seattle, USA. After his apprenticeship he stayed at Apocalypse as a resident artist till 2007.

After traveling around the world attending several tattoo conventions and working as a guest artist Yushi settled in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2009 and became a resident artist at ‘Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattooing’.

After the opening of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum in 2011 Yushi became one of its resident artists, whilst still traveling from his new homestead to guest work at other studios around the world.

Link to website Yushi “Horikichi” Takei

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