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Book of Dragons

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Update 14/11/2020

Shipping of the first orders is scheduled on 20/11/2020


Kintaro Publishing



Update 26/10/2020

Dear all,

Due to the COVID-19 situation the publication date has some delays. 

The latest news is that full production will be completed around week 46.

For those who have pre-ordered, we will contact you before shipping asking for an address confirmation for delivery.

Thanks for your understanding. 

Kintaro Publishing


Book of Dragons – Bill Canales 

Here be dragons…

Japanese dragon tattoos have proved to be enduringly popular. Unlike their Western counterparts, Japanese dragons are associated with wisdom, wealth, and benevolence; and this is evident in the grace and elegance of the tattoo designs.

Few artists have mastered the art of dragons like Bill Canales. In his captivating publication, Book of Dragons, he shares some of his finest tattoo designs, from their initial sketches to the final, polished images.

  • A collector’s item – the best tattoo books always are!

Those with a deep appreciation of Japanese art are sure to want the Book of Dragons for their collection. It’s hotly anticipated to be one of the best tattoo books of 2020, and its subject matter makes it a must-have publication for Japanese tattoo aficionados.

The portrait-orientated hardcover book is 11” by 14” (279 x 355 mm), and comes in a cloth-covered folding box case. This ensures that it stays well-protected, as well as marking it as a true collector’s item. Each design is printed on 200gsm premium art paper, to complement each image.

  • About the artist

Bill Canales has been tattooing since 1992. During this time, he’s focused his attention on Japanese designs; an area that is notoriously complex, especially given the intricacy of the designs and the symbolism behind them.

He specializes in large-scale pieces; bright, striking sleeves, and full-body suits, which respect the original designs while exploring fresh ways of representing them. When not creating books, Bill can be found at his studio, Full Circle Tattoo, in San Diego.

  • Limited-edition tattoo art book

This is a limited-edition book, and Kintaro will only be publishing 1,000 copies in total. This means, if you want to invest in a copy, it’s best to order sooner rather than later. Book of Dragons features 50 horizontal fold-out pages, which enable you to open up each ‘dragon’ and study it at leisure.

The date for the official book release is scheduled for October 2020. 

Title: Book of Dragons 

Binding: Hardcover + folding box case with locks made
 from 5mm-thick grey plate covered with cloth

Language: English

Paper-type: 200 gr. OJI Matt Art

Page-total: 50 horizontal gatefolds, displacing at 22" x 14" size + 14 typical 

Size: 11” by 14” (279 x 355 mm)

Scheduled release date: October 2020

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Book of dragons
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