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Kintaro Kite Project

Traveling ’Kintaro Kite Project’ exhibit kicks-off in Paris

In 2011 Kintaro Publishing emerged as independent publisher of art books and high quality prints and has become a platform for creative talents.

Because there is an increasing interest in the art forms that we represent, we have initiated the #KintaroKiteProject where a select group of artists express their creativity and vision on a Japanese kite by making a unique piece.

The official opening of this traveling exhibition will be held at Le Mondial du Tatouage March 3, 4, 5th 2017 – Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

Next tour dates:

The International London Tattoo Convention

International Brussels Tattoo Convention

Adam Kitamoto-Australia
Alvaro Llorar-Spain
Bill Canales-USA
Chris Garver-USA
Claudia de Sabe-UK
Dan Sinnes-Luxembourg
Filip Leu-Switzerland
Hide Ichibay-Japan
Horiyoshi III-Japan
Ivan Szazi-Brazil
Jeroen Franken-Netherlands
Junior Goussain-Brazil
Luke Atkinson-Germany
Marco Rossettini-Italy
Marco Serio-Netherlands
Marius Meyer-Norway
Matthieu K Leu-Switserland
Mick Tattoo-Switserland
Nico Cennamo-Switserland
Pino Cafaro-Germany
Rico Daruma-Japan
Sandor Jordan-Germany
Shane Tan-Singapore
Tattoo Lobo-Italy
Titine Leu-Switserland
Vlady Positivevibrations-Italy
Yoni Zilber-USA
Yushi Takei-Japan

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