The Rise of the Independent Publisher – Celebrating the Small Press Movement

The Rise of the Independent Publisher – Celebrating the Small Press Movement

When it comes to bookselling, one retail giant dominates the market – and that’s Amazon. However, if you start browsing in other places, you’ll discover a wealth of independent publishers, who are producing books that are exciting, genre-defying and unique.

We’re a small press, and are proud to be so. Here’s more information about why independent publishers matter, and how you can support them.

What’s so great about an independent publisher?

The market is dominated by a few major publishing houses. They produce great books, but their lists are mostly full of established authors, with titles that fit neatly into a defined genre. They don’t tend to deal with niche topics, and they usually avoid books that are ‘different’, as they see them as a financial risk.

As a result, most major bookstores only sell a limited range of books. As a reader, you might prefer access to a wider variety of reading material, and that’s where independent publishers come in.

Most small presses (like us) are fuelled by passion, rather than profit. That’s how Kintaro Publishing got started; through our deep love of tattoo design, and a desire to celebrate great artists and bring their work to an equally passionate audience.

When you buy from an independent publisher, you’re purchasing a book that’s been lovingly produced. For example, we go to great lengths to select the right paper to print on (in order to show the artwork at its best), and spend a long time trying out different layouts, until we’re satisfied that the book looks perfect.

Small presses – the place to find new talent

Unlike major publishers, small presses are happy to take a risk. In short, if we believe in the author / artist, we’ll publish their work, because we’re determined to give them the attention they deserve.

If you want to support upcoming talent, visit the large bookstores less, and focus on the independent publisher websites instead. You’re far more likely to find interesting, unusual books there – not to mention special editions and limited print-runs. Many of our books are limited to just 1,000 copies per print-run, which makes them genuine collector’s items.

The small press movement – exciting vision for the future

We love independent publishers. When we’re not poring over our own tattoo books, we often purchase books from fellow small presses, and for a good reason. With an independent publisher, you’ll get:

  • Niche books, covering the topics that you love
  • Books that dare to be different
  • Collector’s items, rather than mass-produced, cheaply made products
  • The personal touch – most small presses are always happy to chat!

We love working with tattoo artists. Self-publishing is an easy process, but it can result in an inferior product. We view ourselves as similar to an independent record label. We invest time in artists, because we believe in them. Our focus is on creating a stunning, premium quality tattoo book, which will be treasured for years to come. We offer a level of attention that most large-scale publishers can’t compete with, and that’s what makes the small press movement so amazing.

If you’d like to check out our range of tattoo books, visit the Kintaro Publishing website today.

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